SCA-Emp Project Team

Principal Investigator on the project is Professor Pauline Dibben, University of Sheffield. Pauline’s expertise is in the field of employment relations. She has contributed toward the advancement of the study of employment relations through developing a research agenda around employment security. This focuses on two key areas: employment security and the role of trade unions in emerging economies, and employment security for those with disabilities and health conditions.

Pauline is joined by a team of Co-Investigators including Professor John Cullen and Dr. Juliana Meira, University of Sheffield, and Professor Luiz Miranda from the Federal University of Pernambuco Brazil who have expertise in supply chain accounting, and Professor Phil Johnson, University of Sheffield, whose research interests include organisational behaviour and advanced qualitative research methods. Co-Investigator Professor Geoffrey Wood, University of Essex has research interests which centre on the relationship between national institutional setting, corporate governance, firm finance, and firm level work and employment relations. Meanwhile, Dr Debby Bonnin, formally from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and now at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, focuses on the work of textile designers and the global supply chain.

Three PhD students, Caroline Linhares, Gareth Crockett, and Paula Kohn are also members of the team. Caroline’s thesis focuses on gender and supply chain accounting practices in Brazil, Gareth’s focuses on gender and employment relations in South Africa, and Paula’s focuses on performance management in the windpower industry and its supply chain in Brazil.